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A dazzling jewel in the heart of Greece, all 746 sq. miles of the paradisiac prefecture Evrytania is inviting anytime of the year. Whether you long to spend your days playing in the snow and then warming up by a cozy fireplace in the winter or drinking in the fragrant flowers of the summer as you hike through the mountains, Evrytania has something wonderful to offer you. The perfect climate awaits you, as Evrytania has Greek-like summers and Central Europe-like winters.

Evrytania (pronounced Ev-ree-tah-nee-ah) is said to be the namesake of its ancient king and well-skilled archer Evritos. However, some will argue that it comes instead from the Greek words “ev” meaning “well” and “hre’o” meaning “flow” - thus defining it as a place where you will find “well-flowing” water. Once isolated from the mainland, a new tunnel now connects this island to it.

There are many activities to do here in Evrytania. You can kayak through the waters of Trikeriotis River, or the lake of Kremastes, paraglide down breathtaking slopes, raft along the Aheloos River or go on a 4X4 excursion. Ski down Mount Velouchi with others who frequent the ski center as skiers and mountain hikers and bikers.

In the part of the prefecture called Proussos, you can combine several sites into one, as you have The Canyon of the Dark Cave, which after exploring, you can enjoy the small canyon lake. This area will also reveal the beauty of the same crystal clear waters, which have been gracefully falling over the majestic smoothed rocks for centuries. Visit the Convent of Prousos, a pilgrimage place where people gather from all over Greece, especially on August 23rd, feast-day.

Be dazzled by the scenic village of Agia Triada, the mountainous village of Domnitsa and the traditional village of Krikello, where chestnut, fir and pine trees envelop and welcome you. Fidakia is known as the prettiest village in Evrytania, where you’ll find stone-houses and cobble-stoned roads. One of the most remarkable sights to see is The Tatarna Convent.

Besides having all the banks, stores, public services and a large hospital, the capital city of Karpenissi offers much more for you to see. Visit the town square, where time seems to disappear, leaving you in ancient times. While relaxing under a plane tree you will a picturesque view. The square itself is marble coated in various combining hues and has semi-cyclic motives forming letters that spell out the names of the old municipalities of the area. Here you will find a statue of the famous Greek hero Marcos Botsaris, which was erected in 1925. Cathedrals, museums, sacred monasteries and churches, and even an ancient castle dot the landscape, along with archaeological ruins to be traversed. Beside one of these cathedrals, stands a memorial plaque, remembering the Greek Elementary School, which once stood there during the time of the German occupation.

Don’t miss out on traveling up St. Dimitirios Hill and be amazed by the magnificent view of the entire town below. It is told in the traditions past down through the generations that this hill was once part of Mount Velouchi and most likely had a castle atop it at that time.

On the way out of the town via the western exit, you will come upon another statue, this time of the warrior hero Katsantonis, who gave his life to free his enslaved country from Turkey.

After playing all day, relax a bit by going dining and dancing with traditional Greek food and music or modern music if you prefer. Either way the nightlife is grand! You will find a variety of accommodations to fit your needs as well.

Evrytania will give you all its best and won't ask anything back but that you love and care for it. So come and visit Evrytania today for the vacation of a lifetime and see why it is referred to as the “Switzerland” of Greece.

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