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 > Peloponnese

The district of the Peloponnese is considered to be the best representation of the country as far as natural beauty, archaeological findings and the Greek historical background are concerned. Picturesque and pulsing with numerous spots of various interests, it is regarded as one of the most appealing districts of Greece, attracting countless visitors year-round.

It is comprised of seven non-identical prefectures, which are all ideal destinations for your summer or winter vacations. Argolida, Arcadia, Achaia, Elia, Corinth, Laconia and Messinia offer cosmic towns, scenic villages and natural spots that will definitely prove to be the supreme escape from your everyday routine.

You will be have no trouble finding the resort that best suits your needs. Coastal hamlets and peaceful villages await you, offering impressive sights, museums and archaeological ruins, dazzling beaches and majestic mountains.

A mythical land, Peloponnese is composed of images, sights, smells and sounds. Three main road networks lead to places with abundant physical beauty, testifying to a time gone by. They extend among the vast olive groves, grain fields, and vegetable plots, leading to modern villages and towns, ideal resorts.

In the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth we find the ruins of the brilliant ancient city.

Diakofto is the starting point for unforgettable excursions to historic Kalavrita, Megalo Spilaio, where you will encounter the big cave, and the monastery of Agia Lavra. Take a magical journey via the raiload through the Vouraikos gorge, between the tall, lush green mountains.

The monastery of Panagia Tripiti, which is built into the living rock in ancient Egio is a site to see. You will also find pretty pebbled beaches here too.

Patras, a working harbour-city on the west coast, is Greece's window to the Ionian islands and Italy. Its attractive squares, buildings, and the ruins of a castle on top of a hill, add to its charm.

Experience Kilini’s enchanting shores tenderly kissed by eucalyptus and acorn bushes and a sandy beach with the bluest of waters, known for ages of its amazing spas.

Ancient Olympia with its grandiose temple foundations, colonnades, altars and numerous archaeological finds is a peaceful place to visit and explore.

Kaitafas is a spa, also known since ancient time and is surrounded by a thick pine forest. There are also vineyards, olive groves and citrus orchards to enjoy. Don’t miss out on seeing the monasteries, Frankish towers and ancient temples here either.

Kalamata, the capital of Messinia offers the castle of Geoffrey Villehardouin. Its beautiful waterfront is lined with taverns and delectible pastry shops. Mt. Taygetos stands majestically before you, while beaches exist between its foothills.

The beaches throughout Peloponnese are excellent and refreshing but occasionally when swimming in these seawater springs, you will encounter ‘cold spots’. This is actually water from the mountains that surfaces in the seabed.

There are so many other place to visit and explore as well in Peloponnese. We have just given you a sampling. Come and enjoy them all on your next vacation. You’ll want to come back again and again.


Achaia is an interesting prefecture and the perfect spot for your vacation, no matter what time of year it happens to be. The climate in the hot summers led to sunny days dominating the beaches and partial clouds and rain taking over the mountains. In the mild winters you will find snow in the mountains of Erymanthus, Panachaicus and Aroania.

Apart from being an ideal destination for your holidays, is also an important hub of the incoming tourism from Western Europe. It comprises a number of towns, hamlets and villages, which are all very special. A jo...| more info


Amorgos is an island of a particular natural beauty. It is a seductive island that will lead you to the path of romanticism, sensuality and happiness. An island so unique that it creates the sense that you are in a different civilization, awaking inside you every happy memory and every sweet and tender emotion.

The island, which is stretched out in a serpent-like fashion is picturesque, offering spectacular cliffs. The bays are lined with fruit-trees and gardens, with tamarisks and bamboo separating the gardens from the beach. You will notice a deep at...| more info


The prefecture of Corinth is known for its many summer resorts and the various archaeological sites. From the name 'Corinth' we get the English word 'currant' — for small black grapes that have been dried in the sun.

It is obvious that this is a place with a history that goes back to the ancient years. Many archaeological sites show us the growth and the cultural development of ancient Corinth. Nemea with the temple of Zeus and ancient Sikion with the theater and the stadium are all very important pieces of the Greek history.

more info


Laconia is a land of history, tradition and natural beauty. Sparta is the capital and one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, a place that is worth visiting more than once in a lifetime. A simple town, built in the middle of the Evrotas river valley, in the same site where the ancient city stood.

Mani is a barren land full of rocks, stone walls and prickly pears. It boasts of stark hills along with bays and coves, which have been torn by the elements of sea and wind. It does have several mountain villages stone towers. The small coastal town of Gyt...| more info


Peaceful nature, warm climate, verdant landscapes, fertile regions, sea with extended sandy beaches, Venetian castles and traditional villages compose the exceptional allurement of the wonderful prefecture of Messinia. During summertime or during wintertime, Messinia is always enchanting. Long, cool summers, the sweetest of springs, gentle autumns, and mild winters, many springs and abundant water, fertile soil, verdant mountains.

One of the best spots of the country, Messinia boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, charming port villag...| more info

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