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Evia Island

Looking for the perfect spot for your holidays? Then look no further. The island of Evia (also known as Euboia and Evvoia) is without a doubt the island you’ve been searching for and it promises not to disappoint. It is enchanting in any season, since it has skiing as well as water-sports. And whether you want an 'away from it all' peace and quiet vacation in self-catering villas and apartments, or sightseeing days followed by exciting nightlife (although not as wild as the partying islands of Ios and Kos), Evia is the answer. With at the very least 23 popular resorts, there are also many hotel accommodations (214 of them) and camping areas too.

Evia (the second largest island after Crete) is located in the Aegean Sea, in very close proximity to the eastern coastline of Central Greece. It covers an area of 175 km long and it has roughly about 208,500 inhabitants. The lifestyle here is consistent with Greece two decades ago, meaning there are no theme parks or high-rise hotels to be found.

The island's name means "rich in cattle" and its history is important. Throughout the centuries the people of Evia fought hard against their oppressors - the Ionians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Turks, and then again in the War of Independence in 1821. In the 4th century BC it became an important cultural center, and the Eretrian School of Philosophy was founded there. Chalkida, the closest to the mainland had natural copper resources, making the city a trading center of great importance back in the day.

You will be amazed at the incredible and diverse landscape that Evia has to offer. It is teeming with a combination of lush green forests, majestic mountains, rolling rivers, hot springs, gorgeous ravines, beautiful beaches that seem to go on endlessly and crystal clear waters.

So what attractions are there to see? There is a multitude of things to do, from mountain climbing and diving, to canyon and cave exploration. For those who want to take in the sites, there are many to choose from in Evia. There are many archaeological ruins, a tidal phenomenon, the Arethousa fountain, the Kanithos fortress, several churches, museums and mansions to tour.

Situated high above the sea in Kimi (one of the oldest towns) you can visit a folklore museum and a Byzantine monastery. The town of Rouvies also has a monastery that you can tour. Please note that when visiting monasteries, you need to dress appropriately (longs skirts and covered shoulders for women, long trousers for men).

One of the interesting sites in Limni, besides the archaeological ruins is the nunnery of Galataki.

If you long for a truly relaxing experience, visit Edipsos and enjoy the same healing baths, as did those of ancient times.

In Ano Potamia you can visit a kastro (a fortified pirate-proof medieval castle), built by the Franks during the Middle Ages.

Evia is a very traditional island, thus in almost every village you will find that the eat establishments have at least one specialty dish of that particular village. Because the menus aren’t usually in English, you can actually (usually) walk into the various kitchens to see what they offer in advance.

Chalkida and Eretria are the towns where you'll find everything you need in terms of shopping. Of courses the villages around Evia will provide you with many quaint shops where you can purchase traditional items as a souvenirs of your trip.

Evia is connected to the mainland with an iron bridge, located in Chalkida. There is an extensive network of roads on the island for you to drive your rental vehicle. Taxis and long-distance buses are available from the airport. For your convenience the Domestic Port Authorities stations can be found in Aliveri, Edipsos, two in Halkida (Navigational and Central Port Authority), Kimi, Limni, Mandoudi and Oropos. There are also buses in Chalkida. Railways too are accessible. The Tourism Police Station is located in Halkida and another in Edipsos (just during the summer).

So what are you waiting for, come to Evia today and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. You’ll never regret it or forget it!

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