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Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands (Eptanissa), a dreamlike complex of seven lush, dazzling islands scattered all over the Ionian Sea; Corfu (Kerkyra or Corcyra), Kefalonia (Cephalonia), Lefkada (Leucada or Leucas), Zakynthos (Zacinthus, Zacynthus or Zante), Paxi (Paxos or Paxoi), Ithaki (Ithaca) and Kythira (Cythera). The Ionian are the second most popular of all the Greek Islands and attract thousands of visitors every year. Clothed in natural beauty, this island cluster is idyllic with its lush green landscapes, endless, golden-sand coasts and the crystal clear, blue waters that constantly caress the mysterious caves will undoubtedly seduce you.

It is the heavy rainfall that makes the Ionians among the greenest of Greek island chains. Apart from tourism, olive groves and vineyards still play a role in the economy. The tourist resorts are crowded throughout the high season, but the richly varied countryside and abundant beaches draw large numbers of travelers year round, with the spring being a particular favorite for the lush greenery and wildflowers. Besides being a popular holiday destination, they are also considered a sailing paradise.

Although different in some aspects from each other, all have several common characteristics. They are mountainous and fertile islands and offer some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

In traveling to each island, look for its distinguishing marks, such as the delightful looking red-roofed houses of Ithaki, the emerald waters of Corfu, the grapevine studded hills of Kefalonia
Kythira’s deserted beaches, the majestic vertical rocky cliffs of Lefkada, the sea turtles called Caretta from Zakynthos and the impressive white boulders of Paxi.

The people of the islands are quite busy as they produce timber, fruit, and flax and raise pigs, sheep, and goats. They export currants, wine, cotton, salt, olives, and fish. They are largely self-sufficient in grains and their industries include fishing, shipping, and tourism.

Some of the amazing sights you’ll see on these islands are Shipwreck Beach, the Archaeological Museum, and other museums and churches. As far as enjoying the natural sights, there exist one hundred year-old olive trees, wildflowers, almond and cypress trees, beautiful beaches and picturesque villages. While you’re taking advantage of the daylight hours and perfect climate, be sure to engage in such outdoor activities as horseback riding, yachting, swimming and walking.

The fun doesn’t end at dusk though. It is well known that Greece offers an active nightlife as well and the Ionian are supposed to have one of the liveliest of such. They propose a large choice of bars and nightclubs. Even some of the beach resorts attracts visitors for the same reason. Enjoy their unique literary and artistic culture, natural beauty, cosmopolitan lifestyle and warm hospitality as well.

The local cuisines are meat-based and the local wines have strong and sweet tastes. Of course, with direct access to fresh seafood, it is plentiful on the menus. There will be what seems to be an endless supply of locally grown wines for you to sample as well. Make sure to save room for all the mouth-watering sweets distinct to the area to end your satisfying meals pleasantly.

For lodging purposes, there are besides the resorts, villas, cottages, studios, hotels, rooms for rent, traditional houses and apartments to fit everyone’s budget, while still squeezing everything possible to make it your most memorable vacation of all time.

Corfu / Kerkyra Island

Corfu is called the green island and is characterized by frequent rain and mild climate. It is for that reason a fertile island and has a variety of Corfu local agricultural products. The island is famous for its olive, wine, cereals and honey. Corfu's six-month olive season is the longest of any island in Greece and lush vineyards cover the island. They also grow many other fruits and vegetables here too. As soon as you will lay your eyes on Corfu, the overwhelming natural beauty will impress you.

John Fort, British Vice Consul once described this exq...| more info

Ithaki Island

Ithaki’s west coast is steep and almost barren in contrast to the green, gentle shoreline of the east.
Its coastline is about 45 mile, which is indented all around with many natural ports.

The island is mostly rocky and mountainous but it does have several small valleys where olive trees, vineyards, vegetables and fruit trees are cultivated. There are huge menacing rocks jutting up from the ground and just a few steps away are the tranquil orchards and vineyards.

The three highest mountains on the island are Mt. Petale...| more info

Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia is an island of contrasts. It has quiet beaches and lush, green slopes, but it also has steep cliffs plunging into the sea and forest laden mountainsides. The climate is Mediterranean mild, with dry summers, rain and gentle winters. The island has an efficient tourist structure in place and it is a famous destination for both on and off the beaten path places of interests. The dark fir trees, natural caves, carved rocks and the golden and silver coasts are sure to enchant you at first glance.

Kefalonia is also well known for another reason. I...| more info

Kithira Island

Kythira is known as the Isle of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Because tourism is still quite undeveloped, Kythira looks like a calm refuge, with deserted beaches and a traditional lifestyle.

There are only two museums on the island - The Byzantine and The Archaeological museums. There are many churches and monasteries to visit though. The church of Agia Sofia is actually located in a cave and is very interesting to see.

Hora is the capital and offers a wonderful mixture of Venetian and Cycladic architecture consisting of a castl...| more info

Lefkada Island

Lefkada (Lefkas) is a very special island, which is separated from mainland Greece by a 25-meter artificial canal and two bridges connect it. Replete with beautiful beaches, impressive sites and hospitable inhabitants, Lefkada also possesses a mountainous terrain, lush, green landscape and dense vegetation, making it unlike many other Greek Islands.

It is a cultural center, with many historical sites, monuments and traditional houses, where some women still wear traditional clothes, creating a stunning image.

Lefkada is a very plea...| more info

Zakynthos Island

Almost triangular in shape, Zakynthos (Zantes) or the “Flower of the Orient”, as it is well known has two green mountainous promontories extending into the sea to form the huge bay of Laganas. There are more pine-covered mountains and hills in the north, but the centre is gentle and lush, richly planted with currant vines, olive trees, almonds and seasonal vegetables. There are dozens of beaches to choose from, sandy and sheltered with invitingly sparkling water. Flowers of every kind fill every available space, filling the air with the scent that so enraptured v...| more info

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