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 > Lesvos Island
Lesvos Island

Mytilini owes its configuration to volcanic activity in the distant past. It is the third largest Greek island and one of the most important as far history and a varied landscape are concerned. The famous petrified forest is located at Sigri, where over a million years ago the trunks were covered with volcanic ash.

In the capital, neoclassic mansions co-exist with multistory apartment building. The fortress built by Francesco Gattelusio in 1373 is one of the largest and  best preserved in Greece.

One can visit the Hellenistic theatre, remains of the cemetery used during the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman eras, the Archaeological Museum, the Folk Art Museum, the Roman aqueduct (2nd-3rd c.AD) to the north of the city, to name just a few sights.

Among the island’s major towns are Thermi, renowned for its hot springs and Bonze Age finds (3000 BC); Mithymna also known as Molyvos, as prosperous now as it was in 2800 BC; Eressos, a little port, with a splendid beach and finds from ancient to mediaeval times housed in the local museum.

Typical of the islands is the local festival that takes place every year on the fourth Sunday after Sunday after Easter in the chapel of Agios Haralambos (near Agia Paraskevi), called the Festival of the Bull.

Mytilini is famous for its Byzantine monasteries and churches containing precious icons, woodcarvings and manuscripts.

Generally speaking, it is a fascinating island from virtually every point of new – in terms of scenery and recreation opportunities, a place where vestiges of the past can be seen against the background of a progressive modern society. The extensive tourist facilities, fine road network and beach studded coast draw crowds of tourists every year.

Mytilini, the capital is spread out over seven hills with its the castle at the top of the pinewood, its mansions along the waterfront and the church of Agios Therapondas at the center. It is divided in half, the old and the new town. The old town is a densely populated region with narrow alleys and scenic houses, while the new town has beautiful quarters with elegant mansions.

The villages of Lesvos exude incredible charm. The scenic hamlet Eressos, the commercial center Kalloni, the traditional settlement Madamados, the historical village Mithymna, the largest hamlet Plomari, the volcanic Sigri, the coastal village Petra, the lush, green Papados, the traditional village Moria and the picturesque hamlet Agiassos are only few of the magnificent destinations of the island of Lesvos.

For those who love to go back in time and explore the ancient sites, there are plenty of them here in Lesvos.

You can visit

  • the Molyvos,
  • Mytilini and Sigri castles,
  • underground tunnels,
  • The Roman Aquaduct,
  • the bridge at Kremasti,
  • the Minaret in Skalahori,
  • the theatre in Mytilini,
  • the remains of medieval walls
  • a fortress in Antissa,
  • traces of an Aeolian Temple dedicated to the god Apollo in Klopedi,
  • the Aeolian center of worship in Messa,
  • the Christian Temple of Chalinados,
  • the Church of Saint Andrew,
  • the Yeni Mosque
  • various ruins in Eressos
  • Mesa 
  • ancient Pyrra

The museums of Lesvos are a history buffs dream come true, so be sure to visit them all.

You can visit

  • the Teriade Library and Museum of Modern Art,
  • the archeological museums of Mytilini,
  • Erressos and Mithymna,
  • the Ecclesesiastical-Byzantine Museum,
  • the Folk Art Museum,
  • the Old Lesvos House,
  • the Museum of Costume and Embroidery of Lesvos,
  • the Gogo Museum of Vatoussa,
  • Barbayannis Ouzo Museum,
  • the Theophilos Museum,
  • Leimonos Monastery 
  • the newest museum - the Museum of Natural History

Do you love to engage in bird watching?

Well, did you know that Lesvos is known to the birding world as one of the best locations in Europe to see migrating birds? It definitely is an ornithologist’s paradise. If you are interested, the best place to stay is Skala Kaloni.

If you are the type who thinks he might get bored going to the same beach every day then Lesvos is for you.

There are many beaches on the island of Lesvos, of all shapes and sizes. Some are busy with activity and water sports, from jet-skis to windsurfing, while others are deserted, even in the summer.

The best beach in Lesvos, if not all of Greece is Skala Eressos. If you have kids this is the place to be especially around sunset.

The healing springs of Lesvos have been well known since antiquity.

They are ideally situated in areas that allow one to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, amazing scenery and the great relaxing and soothing experience

  • Polychnitou (the hottest natural springs in all of Europe)
  • Eftalou
  • Skala Thermi
  • Thermi on Year
  • Karini (cold water)

Stay in the choicest lodging accommodations and splurge in Greece’s favorite pastime - being a food connoisseur.

Whatever your pleasure, come and discover it here in Lesvos. It will prove to be the Greek holiday of a lifetime for all who choose to indulge in their dreams of visiting an exotic island in the captivating place called the Aegean Sea.

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