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 > Korinthia

The prefecture of Corinth is known for its many summer resorts and the various archaeological sites. From the name 'Corinth' we get the English word 'currant' — for small black grapes that have been dried in the sun.

It is obvious that this is a place with a history that goes back to the ancient years. Many archaeological sites show us the growth and the cultural development of ancient Corinth. Nemea with the temple of Zeus and ancient Sikion with the theater and the stadium are all very important pieces of the Greek history.

Corinth is also an ideal place for summer vacations, with its many wonderful beaches that have contributed to the development of tourism. Small villages and towns such as Vrahati, Derveni, Kiato and Xilokastro are attracting many tourists from all over the world, offering the wonderful climate and the clean waters of the area.

Corinth is also known for many more amazing places, such as Isthmus, a narrow cutting in the land to allow the ships to pass creating the Corinth Canal. Savour its breathtaking views as you travel through.

Back in the ancient times, Corinth was amongst the richest cities. This is evident by its remains, including the huge agora (market place) and Apollo's Temple. Visit the Archaeological Museum and the ancient town of Corinth where St. Paul lived and preached for two years. The site of the ancient port of Kechreai is where St. Paul disembarked is still there for you to visit as well.

Are you looking for activities that will enrich your child but will keep the fun alive too? Think Greek mythology. There’s Jason, Poseidon, Sisyphus, King of Corinth, Bellerophon and the winged horse Pegasus. During your visit to the kids can imagine where the myths came from. There is the Acrocorinth, the most ancient castle in Peloponnese, high on a hill that you can climb. Perhaps you can have a picnic on the flat, grassy area, complete with an olive tree, once you’ve explored the castle. After visiting the Temple of Apollo ruins, the temple, the Fountain of Peirene and the Agora/Forum, whose steps lead down to an ancient sacred spring, go across the street and you’ll find a small playground with swings and climbing structure.

Xylokastro is famous for the renowned Pefkia, the unique pine forest of the Korinthian Coast. Nemean wines are characterized for their quality, with foremost the variety of agioritiko which is cultivated on the Fliasian plain for over 3000 years. The most important archeological site of Nemea is the temple of “Zeus” (4th Century B.C.). Other sites include the ancient bathhouses and the stadium. In Stymphalia, you can follow the picturesque route at the shores and the old paths of the mountain. Cross the villages that are set in a wonderful landscape of lush vegetation and enjoy the gifts of nature. Mount Ziria (Kyllini) offers you the opportunity to breath the crispy air of the mountain by climbing little Zirinia in about 3 hours or Great Zirinia in about 3 hours and a half. The cave of Mercury on the west bank of Flabouritsa, which consists of many chambers with rich and multi-colored stalactites, invites you to admire its natural beauty as long as you have the needed equipment. Loutraki, famous for its hot healing springs, has for many years been a great solution to many people, who are looking for a fun-filled summer vacation.

There are of course many places to stay and rest after your days of exploring and playing in Corinth. Many eating establishments throughout offer a great variety of tasty meals to rejuvenate you for the nightlife or the next day’s activities.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a wonderful summer or winter or you are interested in discovering a part of the Greek history, this is the place for you. With high mountains, small calm bays, green fragrant valleys and the ancient myths wandering above your heads, Corinth will become a part of your unforgettable memories.

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