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Agia Anna in Evia Island

Agia Anna is located within a distance of 75 kilometers away from Chalkida, by taking the road that leads to Edipsos, in a lush green area full of olive groves, plane and pine trees, springs and little streams. The village is built on the slopes of a hill and this fact is responsible for its magnificent view towards the Aegean Sea, its great climate and cool summers. It was named after the church of the same name that can be found in the area, hosting the miraculous icon of Agia Anna that is said to have saved the people of the village from a pirate attack. The ...| more info

Agia Fotia in Lassithi

The picturesque village of Agia Fotia is located approximately 6 kilometers away from Ierapetra and constitutes a pole of attraction for many visitors every summer, mainly due to its exquisite beach. In the general area there are several tourist facilities, from hotels and rooms to let to restaurants, cafeterias and tourist shops. Near the village of Agia Fotia a whole cemetery was discovered after excavation projects that took place, dating back to the Minoan period, with lots of vessels, bronze items and utensils as well as some other findings which you are ab...| more info

Agia Pelagia in Heraklio

The village of Agia Pelagia is located within a distance of 25 kilometers away from the city of Heraklion, on the northern coast of the island and has a permanent population of about 500 people. Though relatively small, it is a very well known tourist resort with several facilities and exquisite sandy beaches witch attract lots of visitors, especially during the months of the summer. You will have to chance to choose among lodging facilities of all kinds which will surely supply your needs and will also fit your budget. There is also a wide variety of restaurant...| more info

Agios Georgios in Evia Island

It is located within a distance 28 kilometers from the baths of Edipsos and the location where this village is built, on a hill on the peninsula of Lichada is the reason for its magnificent view of the sea. Its population during the last years is fluctuating at about 1000 round-the-year inhabitants. You can get here from Edipsos via a seaway in much less time than you would need by car. Also, if you choose to get here via the sea you will have the chance to admire Lichadonisia islands, one of the most significant attractions of the area. The name of the loctaion...| more info

Agios Minas in Evia Island

Agios Minas' settlement belongs to the municipality of Anthidon, with Drosia being its seat. It's a beautiful coastal settlement that during the last years has evolved to a resort for the wealthy. It can be found within a distance of 2 kilometers from cosmopolitan Chalkida and as a result its visitor is able to combine the peaceful nature, swimming in the sandy beaches of the settlement and fast paced entertainment in the bars of Chalkida. In the general area of Agios Minas you will be able to select among three hotels providing everything you may need in order ...| more info

Aliveri in Evia Island

Aliveri is a part of the Municipality of Taminaioi and is located in the south of Evoikos gulf, east of Chalkida, with which it is connected through a motorway that goes on until Karystos. It is a modern town, built amphitheatrically on hills and within a small distance from the sea. Its people are occupied in proprietary businesses, in agriculture and some of them in tourist business. The place is also well-known for the production of lignite and for the extraction of marble from the quarry, which is the most developed industry of the area. In addition, in Aliv...| more info

Amarinthos in Evia Island

Amarinthos is located in the southern Evoikos gulf, a few kilometers away from the capital of the prefecture, Chalkida, between Eretria and Aliveri. It is a coastal town of a population of approximately 5000 people and in the recent years has to display significant development in tourist facilities. Some of the main reasons why are notably its crystal clear golden beach as well as its healthy cool climate.The area has been inhabited since classic antiquity (3000 B.C.), with its prehistoric location being spotted on the hill of Paleohora. In the valley nearby use...| more info

Anatoli in Lassithi

The picturesque village of Anatoli is located within a distance of approximately 31 kilometers away from Agios Nikolaos and 14 kilometers away from Ierapetra. It is the seat of the municipality of the same name, which consists of four smaller settlements, where reside permanently approximately 1200 inhabitants. In particular, it consists of the settlements of Kalogeri, Stomio, Ammoudares and Anatoli, which is the most known of the municipality. It is built on an altitude of about 650 meters above sea level, a fact that adds a magnificent view to the island of Ch...| more info

Arhanes in Heraklio

Acharnes is a beautiful city situated on an green basin east of the mount Giouchta, 10km from Knossos. The city preserves its name from the antiquity; its history is estimated to be of thousands of years. As it is expected, the surrounding area is of special archeological interest. The diggings demonstrated that the first settlement was built here around 6000 BC. Further, it resulted that Acharnes was a particularly important Minoan city which was flourishing. The luxurious and magnificent palace built here around 1900 BC is indicative of the wealth of the city;...| more info

Arkalohori in Heraklio

Arkalochori (also Arkalokhori) is a modern city in Crete and the archaeological site of a Minoan sacred cave in eastern Crete. The sacred cave was used from 2500 to 1450 BCE. It is located 32 km south of Heraklion and has a population of 15000.Arkalochori is not far south from the newly discovered Minoan palace at Galatas. Bronze and gold double axes have been excavated at the Arkalochori cave.The Arkalochori Axe is a votive double axe excavated in the Arkalochori cave by Spyridon Marinatos. It is notable for being engraved with an inscription of 15 symbols. Som...| more info

Arvi in Heraklio

Arvi is a small fishing village on the coast that is surrounded by hot houses. In the area there are Byzantine churches, a war monument, and a pleasant beach.


...| more info
Chalkida in Evia Island

Chalkida is the capital city of Evia. It is located in the centre of the island, on its west coast and can be found approximately 80 kilometers northern of Athens. It is a modern city of 100.000 people and is among the 10 most populated cities of Greece. It is connected with continental Greece through two bridges, an older one which is contractile and a bigger and newer one which hangs on wires. The spot where the old bridge is coincides with the place where the Northern and Southern Evoikos gulf split and is called the Channel of Evripos. The city of Chalkida e...| more info

Drossia in Evia Island

Drosia is a coastal municipality located on the Viotia seaside while its administration belongs to the prefecture of Evia. It is the seta of the municipality of Anthidon and it had been estimated that its round-the-year inhabitants came up to 6000. Drosia is built on the slope of mount Ktipas while viewing the Evoikos gulf.Touristic activities in drosia started developing since the 90s. Until then, the main occupation of the inhabitants was agriculture and stock breeding. After 1990 the natural wealth and beauty became known and the touristic evolvement of the a...| more info

Edipsos in Evia Island
Edipsos – Evia – Greece  

The town of Edipsos is located in the northwestern side of Evia, 118 kilometers away from Chalkida and approximately 200 kilometers away from Athens. It is famous mostly due to its healing baths that can be found within a distance of 4 kilometers from the main settlement, in the bay of Gialtra on the foot of Mount. Telethrio, offering infrastructures that render it a modern summer resort and healing centre. The first inhabitants were probably the Ionians and in antique years it was known as "Ellopia", named after its founder, Ellopas. In addition, it was one of ...| more info

Elounda in Lassithi

Elounda is a small fishing town on the Elounda Bay, on the island of Crete, Greece. It is popular with European tourists and has several hotels. Elounda is also the closest major town to the former leper colony of Spinalonga. The town is close to the city of Aghios Nikolaos and the village of Plaka (Lassithi).Elounda is the self-proclaimed "most luxurious resort" in Greece. It is home to many luxury 5-star hotels as well as budget accommodation. Most of the major luxury hotels are located out of town, set in their own grounds.Many bars and restaurants can ...| more info

Eretria in Evia Island
Eretria –Evia – Greece  

Eretria is one of the most well-known tourist resorts in Evia and is located in the west coast of the island, opposite the Attica prefecture. It has been inhabited since antiquity and the oldest written mention of it can be found in Homer's Iliad, where it is mentioned as one of the Greek cities that participated to the Trojan War. Eretria and its neighbour city Chalkida had been competing in flourish and power during the 8th century B.C. and were both significant trading and cultural centers. Eretria had a great impact on several islands of the Aegean Sea, incl...| more info

Gouves in Heraklio
  ...| more info
Hani Kokini in Heraklio

This is another one frequented tourist resort of northern Crete, located within a distance of 13 kilometers away from the city of Heraklion, near Gouves. It is permanently populated by approximately 1000 inhabitants, which is multiplying during the months of the summer. During antiquity the area obviously flourished, a fact confirmed by the ruins of the Minoan palace of Niros. Among other items of particular archaeological interest, vessels, vases, utensils, and ceramics were found. There is also evidence that a shipyard used to operate during the Minoan times o...| more info

Ierapetra in Lassithi

Ierapetra is one of the most important municipalities of the Lasithi prefecture and at the same time the southernmost town in Europe, with a permanent population of about 25000 people. It is a coastal town, situated in the bay of the same name, where a particularly high tourist activity is observed during the summer.The town of Ierapetra is known since the Minoan times, however the period of its great flourish was during the classic antiquity when it was classified among the most developed town of the whole island of Crete. Later on, however, during the 3r...| more info

Ilia in Evia Island
Ilia - Evia – Greece  

Ilia is a picturesque fishing village, within a distance of approximately 8 kilometers from Edipsos, on the foot of the mount Telethrio. Until 20 years ago there was no access by car in the spot but if someone wanted to visit the place could get there by boat. This fact contributed a lot to the village maintaining its islander character, as well as its customs and traditions. In antique years, there was an oracle on Telethrio, dedicated to Ilios Apollo where worshiping rituals used to take place. The village was named after this ancient oracle. For many years, i...| more info

Kalo Horio in Lassithi

The small village of Istro is 8km south of Agios Nikolaos and has some very beautiful beaches on the east side. You can park your car at the top at the side of road and walk down.

...| more info
Karystos in Evia Island

Karystos is a small coastal town, 129 kilometers south of Chalkida. You can get there either by car from Chalkida or by taking the ferry boat from the port of Rafina. The modern town is built next to the ancient settlement of Karystos and was designed by famous Bavarian civil engineer Bierbach. Karystos was named after its founder who was the son of the mythic centaur Cheironas. The area around Karystos includes all the contradictory characteristics that are typical of the whole island of Evia, combining the lush green mountain landscapes full of plane trees, wa...| more info

Kimi in Evia Island

Kymi is located in the eastern coast of Evia, within a distance of approximately 90 minutes from the capital of the island, Chalkida. It is built amphitheatrically and this results to it offering a majestic view of the sea almost for every single spot. The name of the village is said to have derived from the ancient word "komi" (hair) or possibly the word "kima" (wave), or even to have been named after a mythical Amazon. Kymi has been inhabited since antiquity and excavations that have been taken place in the area have revealed findings dating back to the "geome...| more info

Lefkandi in Evia Island
Lefkadi – Evia – Greece  

The beautiful village of Lefkandi is located within a distance of 10 kilometers away from Chalkida. It is situated on the Lelantine Valley, next to the town of Vasiliko. It offers an excellent frequented beach, alongside which there are some great coffee shops and restaurants. It combines ideally entertainment with relaxation, cosmopolitan with picturesque, ancient ruins with modern buildings. The name of the village is said to have originated either from the aspen trees ("lefka" in Greek) along its beach or from "lefkolithos" (a type of white stone), that used ...| more info

Limenas Hersonissou in Heraklio

Hersonisos is a small vilage of approximately 4000 people and it is located only 27 kilometers away from Heraklion of Crete. Howeveer, its population during the summer months multiplies as lots of visitors from every country fo the world arrive here. This happens because Hersonisos is the largest tourist resort of the perfecture of Heraklion and one of the largest and most equipped of the whole island of Crete. Here you will be able to chose among all kinds of lodging facilities, ranging from luxurious hotel complexes to smaller but always comfortable rooms to l...| more info

Limni in Evia Island
Limni – Evia – Greece  

Limni or Elimnion is a picturesque coastal settlement, with obvious insular features, ideal for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. It is located 85 kilometers southwestern of Chalkida and approximately 30 kilometers southeastern of Edipsos and enumerates nearly 6000 people. The location is the same with the sit of ancient Aiges and that's the reason why during the first years after its establishment in 1836, the town was known as Municipality of Aiges. Its traditional houses with red tiles are built amphitheatrically, infusing a panoramic view of the Evoikos Gulf....| more info

LINDOS in Rodos Island
  ...| more info
Malakonda in Evia Island
Malakonda –Evia – Greece  

Malakontas is a coastal setlement located only one kilometer away from Eretria.It has many hotels to offer which are visited by many foreign and greek visitors, not only during the summer season but during the rest of the year too. Those hotels are able to provide you prety much everything you are going to need in order to have a quiet and relacxing holiday. Eretria is so close that you can even get there on foot. Thus, after a refreshing walk you can have dinner in one of the restaurants of the area, especially in order to taste the delicious fish in which the ...| more info

Malia in Heraklio

Malia is a locaion with a history of thousands of years and this is particularly obvious if you choose to visit the ruins of the Minoan Palace that is situated here. This particular palace was originaly built in the Bronze Era, but suffered severe damages when an earthquake hit Crete. However, soon enough it was rebuilt and most of the ruins that survive until this day date back to the second period of its construction, near the end of the Bronze Era.Modern Malia is among the most well-known tourist resorts of Crete, due to its impressive variety of bars, clubs ...| more info

Marmari in Evia Island

Marmari is located in the southeastern tip of the island of Evia, within a distance of 118 kilometers from Chalkida and you can get there by following the motorway that leads to Karystos. You can also get there by ferry boat starting from the port of Rafina. The view of the mountain dominates the landscape and is ideally combined with the deep blue of the nearby beaches overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Evoikos Gulf alike. Marmari was named after the high quality green marble ("marmaro" in Greek) that used to be extracted from the surrounding mountains and was ...| more info

Matala in Heraklio

Apart from the hippies, the caves were used as dwellings by prehistoric man. There have also been found several tombs, dug in the rock, dating back to the Roman and Early Christian era. The small church dedicated to Panaghia (Holy Virgin), dug in the rock does also go back to this period and it is dated in the period of Roman persecutions of Christians. The place used as a catacomb for the persecuted Christian people, as show the steps carved on the rock.Today the place is considered as an archaeological site, the caves have been fenced and access and staying th...| more info

Nea Artaki in Evia Island
Nea Artaki - Evia – Greece  

Nea Artaki is a suburban town, within a distance of 8 kilometers north of Chalkida and 88 kilometers away from Athens. It is located in a plain surrounded by mountains and enumerates more than 10.000 residents. In 1924 refugees from Artaki in Propontida of Asia Minor arrived and settled in the area. From this point onwards the development of the town began and reached its peak in the 60s. However in the years that followed the development pace slowed down, mostly because of the unorganized development of the poultry industry. The efforts for further development ...| more info

Nea Stira in Evia Island

Nea Stira is a small coastal town located in the southeast side of Evia, opposite the Attica prefecture. You can arrive here from Attica within the 40 minutes it takes to get by boat from the harbour of Agia Marina to the harbour of Nea Stira. In fact there are two towns, Nea (new) Stira and Palia (old) Stira. Between the two towns there is the archaeological site of the ancient town of Stira, a place that is mentioned in the second rhapsody of Homer's Iliad. The surrounding area is one of great archaeological significance and when you visit it you will have the...| more info

Neos Pirgos in Evia Island
Neos Rirgos - Evia – Greece  

Neos Pirgos is a small coastal village of 1200 people, located 134 kilometers away from Chalkida in the northern part of the island and attracts lots of visitors during the months of the summer. It is also really close to the Baths of Edipsos, within a distance of 10-15 minutes by car. The biggest settlement of the area is neighbouring village Orei. Neos Pirgos was originally built from immigrants coming from Pirgos of Istanbul. It is considered a rather excellent choice for those who desire, starting from here, to explore the surrounding area through expedition...| more info

Orei in Evia Island
Orei - Evia – Greece  

Orei is a lush green fishing village, situated on the peninsula of Lihada, in the northern part of the island, within a distance of 25 kilometers from the Baths of Edipsos and 135 kilometers away from Chalkida. Nearby, there are a few more beautiful picturesque settlements such as Gregolimano, Agios Georgios and Gialtra. Orei is connected through seaways with Chalkida, Volos, Skiathos and Skopelos. The area is very developed in tourist facilities and offers the visitors a wide variety of lodging facilities, lots of restaurants and different options of entertainm...| more info

Pireas in Athens
  ...| more info
Piskopiano in Heraklio

Piskopiano is a small traditional village of only 450 inhabitants which is located within a distance of 30 kilometers away from the city of Heraklion. The first thing that will impress you when you visit its distinguishable architecture with most of its houses having arches, which is the most characterizing feature of the village. The village Of Koutouloufari is located within such a small distance from Piskopiano that the impression often given is that there is only one village in the area instead of two. While you're here, it is really worth it to visit the ch...| more info

Platana in Evia Island

Platana is a lush green village with a population of 500 inhabitants approximately and is located southeastern of Kymi and 88 kilometers away from Chalkida. The main attractions of the area are the picturesque beach with its traditional houses, the taverns and the pines trees that go as far as the sea shore, as well as the location of the embouchure of the river Skotini with its bridge made of stone and the ducks that swim in its waters. In the previous years there where lots of olive groves in the surrounding area, from where the inhabitants used to gathe...| more info

Politika in Evia Island
Politika - Evia – Greece  

Politika is a picturesque coastal village, within a short distance from the lush green forest of Profitis Ilias. It is located only 25 kilometers away from Chalkida. In the centre of the village there is a square, surrounded by a few beautiful stone houses of traditional architecture patterns. You can drop by the spot and have arrest under the shade of the plane trees. Wandering inside the village, you will have the chance to see a Tower that has remained since the years of the Venetian rule. Later on you can head towards the extended sandy beach of Politika and...| more info

Psaropouli Vassilikon in Evia Island

This remarkably picturesque village is located within a distance of 32 kilometers away from Istiea and 97 kilometers away from Chalkida. It is situated on the west side of Evia island which is open to the Aegean Sea, within a distance of approximately one kilometer from the sea. It is built in a lush green location on an altitude of 80 meters, a fact that adds to it a spectacular panoramic view of the sea. In the area there are some exquisite beaches and that's one of the main factors that caused the exponential touristic growth that has been observed during the...| more info

Rovies in Evia Island
Rovies - Evia – Greece  

Rovies are located in the northwestern side of the island of Evia, within a distance of 95 kilometers from Chalkida. It is very well-known for its excellent beach of small pebbles as well as for the majestic colorful sunsets that one has the opportunity to admire standing on this very beach. The village is surrounded by olive grove, where high quality olive oil is produced along with its renowned stuffed olives that are exported to many countries outside Greece. The area around Rovies has been displaying a significant development in tourist facilities, in favour...| more info

Servili Tilissou in Heraklio

Tylissos situated on the Northeastern mountainsides of Psiloritis, at a distance of 13 kilometres Southwestern to Heraklion, Tylissos is a big village, inland, but close enough to the sea, with more than 1.000 permanent residents. It still holds the name it had since the Minoan period, when it was a flourishing independed city, an ally of the powerful city of Knossos. Three Minoan villas are worth seeing within the village. The villas are dated to the New Palace Period, and collapsed in the 15th century b.C., along with the palace of Cnossos. The ruins of a Mino...| more info

Stalida in Heraklio

Stalida is another well-known tourist resort of the Heraklion prefecture, which is normally quiet during the winter and flooded with tourists during with summer, who arrive here to spend their holidays. It has around 1000 permanent residents and is located 33 kilometers eastern of the city of Heraklion and merely 3 kilometers western of Malia. The beaches of the village are remarkable, both those consisting of sand and those who are more rocky and ideal for diving and snorkeling.In the area you will discover a wide variety, ranging from big hotel complexes...| more info

Zaros in Heraklio

Zaros is one of the big villages of the Heraklion prefecture with about 3500 permanent inhabitants and is located in a lush green area, within a distance of approximately 42 kilometers from the city of Heraklion. In the village you will be able to find two spacious hotels and several rooms to let. There is also a Town Hall, a police station, a post office, a primary school and a high school. Within a distance of 2 kilometers from Zaros there is the lake of Zaros with its water factory and a breeding ground for trouts and salmons as well as several restaurants. W...| more info

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