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Amorgos Island

Amorgos is an island of a particular natural beauty. It is a seductive island that will lead you to the path of romanticism, sensuality and happiness. An island so unique that it creates the sense that you are in a different civilization, awaking inside you every happy memory and every sweet and tender emotion.

The island, which is stretched out in a serpent-like fashion is picturesque, offering spectacular cliffs. The bays are lined with fruit-trees and gardens, with tamarisks and bamboo separating the gardens from the beach. You will notice a deep at...| more info

Andros Island

Andros is the only Cycladic island where the fountain water creates rivers that end in the sea and run during the whole year. The combination of blue and white houses, windmills, little fishing boats is amazing. Ravines, deep gorges and riverbeds separate the mountain ranges with their steep slopes. The lush, green valleys are filled with olive, fig, orange and lemon trees and vineyards.
Temperatures are quite mild all year long, even in mountainous areas, due to the proximity of the sea. Even in summer, the weather stays quite cool because of the northern winds, along ...| more info

Antiparos Island

The cradle of Cycladic civilization, Antiparos is a small paradise in the center of the islands, with golden sand beaches surrounded by crystal blue-green waters.

Imagine yourself in the town of Pounta on the isle of Paros. Go to the chapel and open the door wide. The boatmen on Antiparos will see the door wide open and will cross over the narrow channel (500 to 1000 metres, which connects the two islands) to get you and bring you to Antiparos. This ancient custom is certainly the most romantic way to get here, besides being the most traditional.

<...| more info
Ios Island

Ios (also called Nios by the locals) is a small island in the heart of the Cyclades with a sandy coastline and mostly mountains inland. Offering scenic bays, olive groves and grapevines, it makes for a wonderful place for your next vacation.

Tradition claims that this is the island where the tomb of poet Homer lies.

The island is said to be the one that young people from all over the world meet at and enjoy their summers. It is famous for its vivid nightlife with an innumerable amount of bars, cafes, clubs and restaurants.

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Kea Island

Kea is not known only for the antique car rally held the first weekend in June, but for many things besides this. 


It actually became known to the modern world in 1916 when the Titanic's sister ship Britannica sunk here. The wreckage still lies at the bottom of the surrounding waters, with constant activity going on around it.

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Milos Island

Milos, one of the most seductive and hospitable of the Cyclades islands, is known as the “island of colours”. Thanks to its volcanic soil, in the spring, the island comes alive with the richly beautiful blooming flora, the sights and smells that overtake your senses. In the autumn, the waters turn blue, emerald, red and violet wonderfully contrasting with the white, pink and red rocks.
It is also famously known as the place where the statue of Venus, now in the Louvre Museum in Paris, was discovered.

There are more than 75 beac...| more info

Mykonos Island

Mykonos, the world famous island of the Aegean, is bursting with life. Celebrities and dignitaries from all over the world make this island a destination to shop, sun bathe, party, and island hop. Cruise ships from all over the world come here. It is a busy island with all the amenities of a modern resort and with plenty to do by day and night. Yet visitors that yearn for a more peaceful vacation will still find quiet places to enjoy their rest and relaxation.

The capital, Hora, is adorned by beautiful, whitewashed, boxed-shaped houses, the balconies o...| more info

Naxos Island

The island of Naxos is the largest and most fertile island in Cyclades cluster and has only recently been developed for tourists. It also has the tallest mountain of all of them as well.

Hora or Naxos Town is the capital and main harbour of the island. It is located on the west coast of the island and boasts of an impressive Venetian castle (Kastro). Here is where you will find the beach of Saint George with its shallow waters that make it very safe for the children. There are many taverns and bar-cafes that are open from very early in the morning till...| more info

Paros Island

Traversing the azure waters of the dazzling Cyclades cluster, the remote skyline will start to reveal an authentic miracle of nature, the island of Paros, which is considered to be the beauty queen of the Aegean. A lush green island with acres of wheat and barley, beds of melons, orange- and lemon trees, olive groves, figs and almonds, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers and grapes.

In Parikia, the capital people stroll through the white alleys, settle back below the Kastro or rest at one of the tavernas opposite of the gorgeous church of Ekatontapyliani, th...| more info

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